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Fight the spread of bacteria by professionally cleaning and decontaminating your business or home. We use industrial grade disinfecting chemicals or Green Anti Hypoallergenic Solutions to ensure the highest quality cleaning.

COVID-19 Busting Cleaning Service: What You Should Be Looking to Hire

During the current pandemic, the last thing you want is to have a single surface inside your company building or residential home that has some of the virus on it. Do not be the company that leaves any virus behind to start a second wave of the current pandemic. You need a disinfection, sanitizing and deep clean company service.

If you could see the measures other companies are taking to clean and disinfect all surfaces to prevent the spread of Corona virus, or COVID-19, you would want to do as much for your own building. If you have not considered cleaning to the deepest possible level, you should do so now. The CDC is recommending that all surfaces that anyone touches have to be cleaned and disinfected to an industrial level in order to destroy this virus completely.


Unless your company employees have remained engaged with the intent on providing disinfection and decontamination services, your company building is not clean. Furthermore, any employee that ends up testing positive just re-infects your building. You should be hiring a professional decontamination service with expert staff that will address your building’s cleaning needs and not re-infect surfaces while they are cleaning.

If you are fortunate enough not to be one of the many businesses that has to stay open, then you can thoroughly clean and disinfect the whole of your building while every employee works from home. When the pandemic has officially ended, then everyone can return to work knowing that the building has been fully and effectively cleaned. Here is what you should be looking to hire, and why you should hire us.

The Best Experience Ever

"I had a wonderful experience using this disinfection service. I needed same day or next day service for my office. I was able to get a affordable move in/ deep cleaning for the next day, a Sunday! Ron and Suzan were great! They decontaminate every part of the office! I was grateful because moving in is such a rough process!"
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Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service for Commercial Office, Warehouse, Childcare, Clinic, School and Residential from Viruses – Eliminates 99.99% of germs and viruses – Fog disinfectant solution into the air. We provide certified biological disinfection and decontamination services. We follow the EPA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines to decontaminate for viruses

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We Have Professional Expert Staff in the US

Our employees are trained in all manner of decontamination services, regardless of the seriousness of the level of disease risk or cause of the disease. We equip our cleaning crews with PPE equipment that will prevent them from getting sick, and prevent them from passing germs along in the event that they pick something up off a surface by accident.

Our team uses CDC and EPA approved industrial strength disinfectants to clean every inch of your company property. This includes walls, doors, handles, restrooms (top to bottom!), rails, stairs, and every other visible surface, regardless of whether or not another human being has touched it in the last three months. The team will also vacuum out vents and clear and clean the air with special equipment to reduce any remote possibility of the viral droplets inside the ventilation system. Special fumigation chemicals may be used to get deep into the vents to reduce risk. The teams will travel to any part of the USA, too, via company vehicle, to keep the risk of infection low.

Multiple Methods of Disinfection

We use multiple methods of disinfection. These options should be available to you by any cleaning company that is worth their salt. Included in your decontamination options are the use of industrial grade cleaning chemicals, all-natural cleaning agents that are safe for pets, children, and people with allergies, UV light disinfection, UV germicidal lamps, and even ozone generators to help remove particles from the air. If you hire a cleaning company with anything less than what we provide, you might not be getting as thorough a disinfection as you should be getting.


The “green” or all natural disinfecting agents involve vinegar and/or rubbing alcohol, which are commonly used to clean surfaces in hospitals and health clinics. Because these are preapproved for medical use by the CDC, they are safe enough and effective enough to use for “green” disinfection of your building. White distilled vinegar also has a more pleasant scent than many other disinfecting agents and will not cause respiratory or ocular irritation after the process is complete.

UV germicidal lamps are currently in use in hospitals and nursing homes, too. These instruments look like vacuums with purple lights attached on the ends of the wands. The UV light is powerful enough to kill most viruses, including the current COVID-19. (They have been in use in public pools and other public places where large groups gather.) Other UV methods of disinfection work similarly to the germicidal lamps. They are an effective instrument when certain surfaces cannot be cleaned using any liquid chemicals or spray chemicals.

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Service Near Me?

You are probably wondering, “Is there a service near me?” Rest assured, we own and operate several satellite companies, and we can and will send our crews to any location in the USA. We evaluate your situation on a case by case basis, provide fast quotes and equally fast service. Stopping the virus that is trying to take over the US is our current priority, and we aim to do our part no matter where you are located or how we reach your building and begin this process.


Getting a Quote for Service

If you are ready to eradicate the virus from your building, you can begin collecting easy quotes for service from us and any competitors. Just be sure to ask the competitors about all of the above disinfecting options we provide. If they don’t provide those services, it is not worth getting a quote!

Additionally, if they are unable to travel the USA to bring their services to you. or they only provide services in a specific state or region of one state and do not have a satellite location to help you, skip their quotes and ask us for ours. We can give anyone a free and easy quote over the phone just by asking a few simple questions about your building (e.g., number of stories, square footage, etc.). As long as your building remains closed as a “non-essential” business during the virus pandemic, we can completely clean and disinfect it and make sure your entire building is ready to go when the pandemic is over. You and your employees can return to a very safe, very clean building when it is all over.